Triple-DNS Whitelisting


DNS is literally the heart of the internet. DNS is what allows you type in names (e.g. “”) instead numbers (e.g. IP addresses). DNS Servers translate the names you type into the numeric addresses necessary for the internet to connect you to the site you want. If you’d like to understand more about DNS, the following tutorial can be helpful:

There are three critical components used each time that your computer needs to translate a name into a numeric address:

  • DNS Server
  • DNS Query
  • DNS Response

Hacker Deterrent Pro (HDP) employs whitelisting all three components, resulting in Triple-DNS Whitelisting. First, HDP makes sure that your computer only talks to the DNS servers you choose during installation. All other DNS servers are blocked.

Second, HDP makes sure that the DNS Request follows a whitelisted format. This protects against certain specific hacking attacks.

Third, HDP makes sure that the DNS Reply follows a whitelisted format. This protects against DNS-based man-in-the-middle attacks.

All-in-all, Hacker Deterrent Pro protects each type of internet traffic through a unique whitelisting methodology. Browser traffic is protected via Transient Whitelisting; app traffic is protected via Name-Based Whitelisting; and operating system traffic is protected via Triple DNS Whitelisting. With Hacker Deterrent Pro, you finally have genuine protection.

Unique Protection

Click on any hacking attack below to see how Hacker Deterrent Pro protects you in ways that antivirus and firewalls do not:

Hacker’s Dirty Little Secret

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Note: The patented and patent-pending technologies of Hacker Deterrent Pro were created by world-renowned cryptographer Michael Wood.