Hacker Deterrent

“I have been in the industry for 23 years and this is by far the best addition to my arsenal of tools for dealing with unacceptable network traffic. I think a dynamic white-list is a good solution. There is no one solution that covers everything. I can’t wait to try subsequent releases. I am testing now and may recommend this to my clients.” — Timothy Gallardo

“I’ve had this for a week now, I’m very pleased with the tool. It’s not really a ‘set it and forget it’ tool in my opinion. I have to watch it constantly and make active decisions about what software is doing on the network and what is being blocked or allowed. Personally I don’t mind that at all. If you understand even a little about software, the internet and networks, that shouldn’t be an issue to use this. Overall it appears to do what is says it does!” — Enoxh Eloe

“I’m running Hacker deterent, works really well. I don’t know why svhost needs to talk to microsoft if I have updates off? So I left them locked out. Its nice that the default is to deny access. By the way svhost was using up 30% of my cpu time just checking aimlessly for updates – not any more. Its tough to spy now when I can see you.” — Obwan Kenobis

“It’s really still helping. Thanks for helping me. Nice.” — Sudarshan Nasani

“I’m a software developer and I’ve been using it for a week or so. I do a lot more creative things than the average person, and I keep getting tripped up on it not allowing parts and pieces of things to work, which is what it is designed to do. I keep having these ‘oh yeah’ moments to go and check it to see if it is blocking something that should be working and many times it is. Fortunately it is good at allowing it through after you simply click on it. It does show you what’s going on, you’ve just got to get in the habit of checking it when you run a program that you haven’t yet run after installing it. I like it overall.” — Ken Papa

“Awesome product and most of all they are a company that answers email and will do their very best to help resolve any type of problem or even a question.” — Campione Randall Carmen

“Great product.” — R.L.Haywood Jr.

“As a retired Software Engineer with 32 years experience, I’ve looked over the descriptions and background and it looks impressive. I’ve realized for quite some time the utter inadequacy and fundamental strategic error of the common anti-virus programs, alluded to in your ad. Sounds like you’re on a better approach.” — James R. Pannozzi

“This is amazing! Thank you!” — Therial Rial

“I think your product is great, really. I’m the victim of massive online identity theft which has resulted in my laptop being hacked and my phone. Your product allowed me to limit the damage and progress with some safety.” — Michael Bieda

“OMG I see things better than Bitdefender. I can control what’s to be blocked or not. It’s the greatest tool for defending internet browser or in computer software blocking. It’s simple. All tools which collect information need an internet connection to send this information, or to control this machine. Shi* it’s perfect. A simple tool that resolves all problems with unknown connections, and for the first time I clearly see control with this tool. Perfect! On Windows I just need this for ‘good sleep.’ Thanks 🙂 . Need more apps like this, no ‘candy’ interface just need functionality and control. This is new step for better software. Peace.” — Client Review Posted on Youtube

“I absolutely love your software!” — Marshall Epperson

“I’m a computer programmer / systems analyst with 40+ years working with computers. I agree that the vast majority of anti-virus software programs simply don’t stop trojan intrusions. What Terra Privacy LLC offers just might be the ideal solution.” — Wayne Wilhelm

“The program is brilliant.” — James L. Pate



Hacker Deterrent

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