It is our mission at Terra Privacy LLC to offer you maximum security without sacrificing privacy. Therefore, privacy is a core a component of all our product offerings.

Privacy Policy for To ensure privacy while using our products, we use a separate server for hosting downloads: doesn’t log any download activity. It doesn’t record your IP address or any other information whatsoever. It also doesn’t use any tracking cookies or related technologies. You also have permission to distribute copies of the software hosted there, provided you do not distribute any copies to the embargoed countries listed on the landing page.

Privacy Policy for TTC NetSwitch: TTC NetSwitch solely contacts an external server to check licensing permissions. Only data related to assessing the validity of the software license is transmitted and recorded. We do not record any use of the software. In other words, we do not remotely record the sites you visit, the software you install, or any other information whatsoever. The only information recorded regarding sites is stored locally on your machine so that the software knows whether you want to allow or block them. Again, all such settings are solely stored locally on your machine.

Privacy Policy for Hacker Deterrent: Hacker Deterrent does require continual access to our Privacy Servers. However, the only information stored is that which is required to validate your user license: machine ID, date license started, length of license. We do not record any IP addresses. In other words, we do not even record IP addresses associated with machine ID’s. Only the three elements previously listed are recorded. We do not record any requests that you make of the server. We have a strict zero logging policy in this important regard. Furthermore, our Privacy Servers are situated between your company and all third-party vendors we use. Therefore, third-party vendors solely see our IP addresses; they never see your IP address or any other personally identifying information.

Privacy Policy for our marketing website In order to provide appropriate marketing assistance, this website does use cookies and other standard marketing practices. Therefore, is hosted on entirely different servers than those used for software downloads and product services. Cookies are small data files that are served by our platform and stored on your device. Our site uses cookies dropped by us or third parties for a variety of purposes including providing live support for customers, operate and personalize the website, as well as examine how you use the site to personalize discounts and ads we show you when you visit advertising-partner websites.

Note: If you wish to bypass all marketing practices including cookies, you can periodically go directly to to see our latest security offerings. This will bypass all cookies, tracking pixels and related technologies which empower the marketing services at— including our live help feature.


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