Never Be Tricked Again

You can finally stop being tricked by phishing sites — for free. Terra Privacy LLC’s patent-pending anti-phishing innovation is currently available for free download and use.

Patent-Pending PhishViewer

After you click a link, PhishViewer traces it’s path — showing you all the sites that the link takes you to. All sites are prevented from uploading programmatic code to your computer during analysis.

If the last site is who you expect, PhishViewer’s Wormhole Button safely takes you there, preventing all intermediary sites from installing code onto your computer. If the last site isn’t who you expect then you can close the browser tab. Your computer has stayed safe the entire time.

Free Browser Extension

PhishViewer email services are coming soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy PhishViewer browser protection free of charge via the install buttons below.


After installing the extension, PhishViewer will automatically turn on when you open a tab for supported sites such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. PhishViewer will display a brief popup when it turns on, letting you know that you are now protected.

With PhishViewer, you never need to fear clicking links in:


Yahoo Mail

AOL Mail





And more!


Many people wrongly believe that phishing sites can only harm them if they enter information at the site. Yet, phishing sites can secretly install spyware on your computer just by visiting them. This type of hacking attack is called: Drive By Download:

“Without any interaction from the victim, we then see that the malware is executed in the background. All of this happening even though the victim has an antivirus installed and fully updated.” (See Video Below.)

The only way to protect yourself is to never visit phishing sites in the first place. Unfortunately, browsers only show you the first site that a link will take you to — not the link’s final destination. In order to avoid all phishing sites, you must know the final destination before actually connecting to it. And that’s exactly what PhishViewer does for you — free of charge.


Hacker Deterrent

TTC NetSwitch

PhishViewer Suite

PhishViewer Lite PhishViewer Lite is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. It’s currently available free of charge. (See Terms and Conditions for details.)
PhishViewer Switch PhishViewer Switch allows businesses to finally protect all employees from falling prey to phishing links. PhishViewer Switch sits in front of your email servers, automatically injecting PhishViewer protection into every email as it’s being opened; this allows your employees to keep using their same email readers, and it allows your company to continue using its same email server. PhishViewer Switch installs in minutes. PhishViewer Switch will be available first quarter 2019.
PhishViewer Mobile PhishViewer Mobile is a native iOS and Android email reader with integrated PhishViewer protection. PhishViewer Mobile is ideal for individuals who want direct email access from their phones and tablets. Note: Android users can currently get free protection by installing Firefox and using the PhishViewer Lite extension to read web-based email. PhishViewer Mobile will be available second quarter 2019.