Never Get Tricked by Email Links Again

Browsers only show you the first site that email links will take you to. But the link can actually send you to many sites — a fact that hackers have exploited for decades. Now you can finally see all the sites that a link will take you to — before any of those sites are allowed to run any programming code on your computer.

With PhishViewer, you never need to fear clicking links in:


Yahoo Mail

AOL Mail





And more!

Image-based phishing links often look identical to legitimate sites, such as this Gmail phishing campaign targeting one billion victims.

The gmail scam made the browser appear to show as the initial site behind the link. The scam even reportedly worked against two-factor authentication as well. In other words, this scam bypassed all traditional security measures.

Here’s the bottom line: Hackers will always find ways to trick you into clicking their links. But now that’s finally okay.

After all, with PhishViewer, you always know before you go — even on the links that hackers trick you into clicking.

PhishViewer Suite

PhishViewer Lite PhishViewer Lite is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. It’s currently available free of charge. (See Terms and Conditions for details.)
PhishViewer Switch PhishViewer Switch allows businesses to finally protect all employees from falling prey to phishing links. PhishViewer Switch sits in front of your email servers, automatically injecting PhishViewer protection into every email as it’s being opened; this allows your employees to keep using their same email readers, and it allows your company to continue using its same email server. PhishViewer Switch installs in minutes.

PhishViewer Switch will be available first quarter 2019.

PhishViewer Mobile PhishViewer Mobile is a native iOS and Android email reader with integrated PhishViewer protection. PhishViewer Mobile is ideal for individuals who want direct email access from their phones and tablets.

Note: Android users can currently get free protection by installing Firefox and using the PhishViewer Lite extension to read web-based email.

PhishViewer Mobile will be available second quarter 2019.


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