Full Disclosure

Mobile email readers typically provide less security information than desktop email readers. For example, desktop email readers often show the first site that a link will take you to; whereas, mobile readers do not.

PhishViewer Mobile finally brings full disclosure when accessing emails from your mobile device. You finally know where each link will take you to, before any site has the ability to install programming code on your mobile device. You can finally know before you go.

Home users can get PhishViewer mobile protection either through PhishViewer Switch or PhishViewer Mobile. However, PhishViewer Switch is tailored to businesses; whereas PhishViewer Mobile is designed to give home users an inexpensive way to get full PhishViewer email protection.

Note: Android users can currently get free protection by installing Firefox and using the PhishViewer Lite extension to read web-based email.

PhishViewer Mobile will be available for both iOS and Android second quarter 2019.


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