The average cost of a phishing attack on mid-sized companies is $1.6 million.

Companies cannot afford to allow their employees to blindly click email links, not knowing in advance where those links will take them. Fortunately, you can protect every employee instantly with PhishViewer Switch.

Protecting your entire company is finally as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Sign up for PhishViewer Switch using the button below to register the number of employees.

2. Give your employees the IMAP settings for the PhishViewer Switch assigned to your company.

3. Configure your company router to only allow PhishViewer Switch to access your email server.

By following the above steps, your employees will be required to access your email server via PhishViewer Switch. This instantly gives them full insight into every email link they click — allowing them to know before they go.

Every company needs to protect their emails, especially now that this protection is instant, inexpensive, and incredibly effective.

PhishViewer Switch will be available first quarter 2019.


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