PhishViewer Lite

PhishViewer Lite is available now as a Firefox and Chrome extension. PhishViewer Lite is currently available free of charge. (See Terms and Conditions for details.)


After installing the extension, PhishViewer will automatically turn on when you open a tab for supported sites such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and more. PhishViewer will display a brief popup when it turns on, letting you know that you are now protected.

When active, PhishViewer Lite will automatically analyze every link that you click. It will then show you every site that the link will take you to. Most importantly, PhishViewer Lite blocks all the sites from putting programming code on your computer. Therefore:

If the sites aren’t who you expected when you clicked the link, just close the tab. PhishViewer kept you safe.

If the sites are who you expect, PhishViewer Lite displays instructions on how you can allow the link click to go through; and PhishViewer Lite only allows the final site to put programming code on your computer.

You can finally choose in real-time who can put code into your browser and who cannot. With PhishViewer, you never need fear clicking links again.


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