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93% of hacking attacks succeed in minutes or less. Meanwhile, consumers and companies spend over $75 billion per year on cybersecurity products. Why are hackers able to steal data almost every time they try despite fortunes spent on cybersecurity products? Clearly the industry as a whole has taken the wrong approach.

Cybersecurity products fail because they try to only allow your computer to talk to ‘good sites.’ What’s the problem with that? Here’s the surprising answer: There’s no such thing as a ‘good site.’ For example:

  • Is gmail a good site when a trojan uses it to send emails containing your credit card numbers, bank account passwords, pictures of your family, and more?
  • Is facebook a good site when a trojan creates posts revealing your keystrokes and email contents to hackers?
  • Is instagram a good site when a trojan embeds your digital life inside photos and then posts them for hackers to retrieve?

Did you know that hackers can even use Google searches to communicate your digital secrets to hackers? Even isn’t always a ‘good site’!

Key to Finally Stopping Hackers

The entire good site/bad site approach isn’t the answer to stopping hackers’ trojans from stealing your computer’s contents. Hackers will continue to have free reign over your digital life for as long as you rely on this approach.

So what’s the key to stopping them? World-renowned cryptographer Michael Wood developed an ingenious new approach that finally beats hackers at their own game. After pondering the problem for years, he had an epiphane:

  • Gmail is good when you are using it, and it’s bad when a trojan is using it.
  • Facebook is good when you are using it, and it’s bad when a trojan is using it.
  • Instagram is good when you are using it, and it’s bad when a trojan is using it.

Michael Wood developed a technology that automatically allows your computer to talk to websites only while you are visiting them. Whenever you aren’t visiting any website, the technology shuts down access to it — automatically blocking hackers’ trojans as a result.

100% Automatic Browser Protection

This was actually challenging to solve because most webpages also pull content from dozens or even hundreds of other sites. For example, when you visit a news site, that site can pull content from up to 100 other sites. In other words, your computer needs access to these 100 other sites (not just the webpage you’ve chosen).

Michael Wood solved this by designing the technology to automatically allow traffic to the webpages you are visiting, and it also automatically allows traffic to all the sites your webpages pull content from. The moment you close a webpage, the technology automatically blocks the webpage, and it automatically blocks all the content sites as well!

Best of all, there’s nothing for you to do. Once you install the software, the browser protection is 100% automatic. The technology reads the webpages straight from your browser, and then automatically performs all allowing & blocking in real-time, as you surf the net, moving from webpage to webpage.

This ingenious technology is called dynamically-generated whitelisting. And it’s only found in one product: Hacker Deterrent Pro. With Hacker Deterrent Pro, you finally get off the ineffective ‘good site’/’bad site’ bandwagon. Instead, communication is only allowed to the webpages you choose, only during the time that you yourself are actually visiting it. This is the ultimate key to finally stopping trojans from being able to use your browser to secretly send your digital life to hackers.

Comprehensive Security

Hacker Deterrent Pro also includes additional patented and patent-pending technologies to protect your applications and operating system traffic as well. If you want comprehensive, effective security against hackers, you will not find any other product with the protections offered by Hacker Deterrent Pro.

Fortunately, you can use Hacker Deterrent Pro absolutely free of charge for a full month. You can see for yourself that genuinely effective security can also be easy-to-use as well. In fact, the video lessons on the right show you everything you need to know in just fifteen minutes.