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Hacking attacks keep succeeding despite widespread use of antivirus. Finally, you can have the protection against hackers that antivirus doesn’t provide.

Industry leaders anticipated that genuine protection against hackers could only be found in a security approach known as whitelisting. Traditional whitelisting effectively stopped hackers by restricting traffic to a predetermined list of sites. Although effective, traditional whitelisting was often too cumbersome to administer and too restrictive on users — forcing the industry to implement the opposite approach (blacklisting) in antivirus.

The reliance on antivirus blacklisting has led to hackers having free reign over any computer they want. Genuine protection against hackers required creating a way to maintain the effectiveness of whitelisting while simultaneously being easy to administer and easy to use.

“Google security expert says antivirus apps don’t work. It’s time to switch to whitelisting instead.” — Network World

A world-renowned cryptographer has just discovered the final piece of the whitelisting puzzle — finally making the effectiveness of whitelisting available to all. Terra Privacy LLC has just unveiled the first cybersecurity solution that provides the protection of whitelists without any of the traditional restrictions. Introducing Hacker Deterrent Pro.

Traditional whitelists required administrators to predetermine every acceptable site. Hacker Deterrent Pro starts off with zero entries in its whitelist — requiring no administration whatsoever. Traditional whitelists were too restrictive on users. Hacker Deterrent Pro introduces a new form of whitelisting that allows you to freely surf the net and download any software you choose — while still being protected by a 100% whitelisting paradigm.

How it Works

Hacker Deterrent Pro generates a Transient Whitelist on-the-fly, in real-time, as you surf the net. At all times, this Transient Whitelist solely includes the names of the webpages currently open in your browser, and the names of every site that these webpages pull content from.

The Transient Whitelist automatically changes in real-time as you move from webpage to webpage. Incredibly, the Transient Whitelist starts out empty when you first open your browser. This means all browser traffic is being blocked. In other words, all trojans pretending to be the browser are being blocked.

Each time you open a webpage, the webpage and all the sites it uses for content are automatically inserted into the whitelist. Each time you close a webpage, the webpage and all the sites it uses for content are automatically removed from the whitelist. Only browser traffic needed for your open pages is allowed; all other browser traffic remains blocked.

This ingenious approach effectively stops phishing, hacking, and tracking attacks that antivirus doesn’t even touch. Meanwhile, this unique whitelisting method doesn’t require even a single predetermined entry. You finally have the strength of whitelists without any of the traditional restrictions.

Hacker Deterrent Pro (HDP) seamlessly integrates patented and patent-pending technologies to provide you unique protection. In fact, HDP provides seven types of protection that you cannot get anywhere else.

Unique Protection

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Note: The patented and patent-pending technologies of Hacker Deterrent Pro were created by world-renowned cryptographer Michael Wood.