Browsing Surveillance


Traditional whitelists had two issues. First, the entries had to be predetermined in advance. Second, the entries were static — they remained in the whitelist once they were inserted. We’ve already discussed the problems with predetermined entries. Yet there’s also significant problems with static entries as well. Fortunately, Hacker Deterrent Pro avoids these issues by dynamically removing entries from the whitelist when they’re no longer needed.

Removing entries from the whitelist protects you in two ways. First, if you happen to accidentally visit a malicious site, you will be severed from all connections the moment you leave the webpage. Second, removing entries stops sites from being able to surveil your activities as move from webpage to webpage.

When a connection is attempted from a previously viewed website:

  • Hacker Deterrent Pro automatically blocks the connection.
  • Hacker Deterrent Pro annotates the blocked site with a gray flag (signifying that the site is being blocked because it’s from an old connection).

The following video demonstrates Hacker Deterrent Pro’s Browser Surveillance protection:

When you use Hacker Deterrent Pro, you’ll likely be surprised how many sites have been surveilling your every move. In fact, you may even find that as you open files on your computer, old website connections try to report back at the same time. Fortunately, with Hacker Deterrent Pro, you can finally take the control back in your hands.

Unique Protection

Click on any hacking attack below to see how Hacker Deterrent Pro protects you in ways that antivirus and firewalls do not:

Hacker’s Dirty Little Secret

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Note: The patented and patent-pending technologies of Hacker Deterrent Pro were created by world-renowned cryptographer Michael Wood.