Browser-Injected Trojans


Webpages constantly pull content from brand new sites. Therefore, most security systems allow browsers to talk to any site that’s not included in its blacklist (so that they don’t accidentally block access to legitimate new sites). The problem is that hackers easily take advantage of this step-by-step:

  1. The hacker creates a new site. (New sites aren’t in any blacklists.)
  2. The hacker injects a trojan into the browser’s memory space. (Now it looks like the browser wants to talk to the new site.)
  3. The security system believes the browser wants to communicate with the new site, so the security system allows it.

The hacker can now send your personal info out, or even take control over your PC. Meanwhile, the security system believes a browser is communicating with a new, non-blacklisted site.

Traditional whitelisting tried to solve the problem by constantly maintaining lists of reputable sites. The problem is that legitimate new sites were often excluded from the list, resulting in broken webpages. The restrictions imposed by traditional whitelisting made the technique impractical — despite the unparalleled security.

Hacker Deterrent Pro shatters the preconceptions of the past through its novel whitelisting. By dynamically generating whitelists on-the-fly in real-time, the user has whitelisting protection — even against browser-injected trojans that attempt to talk to sites not included on any blacklist. You finally have the best of both worlds: the freedom to surf the net while enjoying 100% whitelisting protection.

To demonstrate Hacker Deterrent Pro’s unique protection, we created a mock browser-injected trojan. We programmed it to connect to the same security research site established to demo the phishing attack. The video below shows how Hacker Deterrent Pro automatically exposes and blocks such browser-injected trojans:

How did Hacker Deterrent Pro know how to automatically expose and block the attack? Browser-Injected Trojans typically don’t communicate with the webpages you have open nor the content sites they rely upon. Therefore, by solely whitelisting these sites the browser-injected trojan sites remain blocked. Simple. Secure.

Unique Protection

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Hacker’s Dirty Little Secret

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Note: The patented and patent-pending technologies of Hacker Deterrent Pro were created by world-renowned cryptographer Michael Wood.