Browser-Imitating Trojans


Since whitelisting only allows approved traffic, everything else remains blocked — regardless of the number of sites the hacker may try — regardless of the number of IP addresses the hacker may try. The following video shows how Hacker Deterrent Pro performs against real-world trojans:

During development of Hacker Deterrent Pro, we purposely exposed computers to dark-web, browser-injected trojans from countries known for state-sponsored hacking. Precisely as in the video above, Hacker Deterrent Pro automatically exposed and blocked browser-injected trojans from North Korea, Iran, and others. (Videos won’t be published because we don’t want to publicly expose the IP addresses of their command and control centers.) With Hacker Deterrent Pro, everyone can finally have protection strong enough to even block state-sponsored trojans.

Unique Protection

Click on any hacking attack below to see how Hacker Deterrent Pro protects you in ways that antivirus and firewalls do not:

Hacker’s Dirty Little Secret

The cybersecurity industry has a dirty little secret that hackers don’t want you to know. What’s the secret? Find out here.

Note: The patented and patent-pending technologies of Hacker Deterrent Pro were created by world-renowned cryptographer Michael Wood.