App-Injected Trojans


Trojans that inject themselves into browsers and apps are the most difficult for antivirus to stop. Consider Trojan T9000 as a perfect case in point. Trojan T9000 defeated popular antivirus programs:

“The author of the latest Trojan has taken a lot of measures to avoid being tracked by many well-known and commonly used antivirus tools such as INCAInternet, Qihoo 360, Rising, Kaspersky, Avira, Tencent, JiangMin, AhnLab, Micropoint, DoctorWeb, Baidu, AVG, McAfee, Panda, Norton, Comodo, TrustPort, BitDefender and more.” — Tech Times

Trojan T9000 transmitted Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, screenshots, and much more while remaining undetected by popular antivirus programs. How do Trojans like T9000 transmit sensitive files for months (even years) without being detected? To avoid detection during transmission, Trojan T9000:

  • Injected itself into explorer.exe. Therefore, the antivirus programs believed explorer.exe was doing the transmitting.
  • Transmitted directly to an IP address of the hacker’s command and control center (bypassing domain naming system).
  • Sent the data through encrypted tunnels (so that security systems couldn’t detect the type of traffic being transmitted).

Fortunately, Hacker Deterrent Pro effortlessly stops these same trojans that popular antivirus programs don’t even touch. To demonstrate this, Terra Privacy’s lab licensed the premiere trojan-building platform: Core Impact by Core Security. The cost of Core Impact averages $50,000 per year. Using this high-end security tool, Terra Privacy’s labs build multiple trojans that:

  • Injected itself into explorer.exe.
  • Transmitted directly to an IP address of the command and control center.
  • Sent the data through encrypted tunnels.

In other words, Terra Privacy’s labs built trojans with the same characteristics as state-sponsored trojans similar to Trojan T9000. The following video shows how Hacker Deterrent Pro effortlessly exposes and blocks even this type of highly-sophisticated trojan.

How does Hacker Deterrent Pro effortlessly block the most difficult trojans that bypass all the popular antivirus programs? Hacker Deterrent Pro accomplishes this through a two-step process:

  • Browser traffic is automatically managed by the Transient Whitelisting module. This means that 99% of the computer traffic is automatically managed, leaving only the non-browser app traffic to be manually managed.
  • All non-browser app traffic is initially blocked. Then the maker of the app and the owner of the internet destination are displayed to make it easy to decide whether or not to allow it.

This unique approach effortless stops app-injecting trojans from communicating directly with the IP addresses and domains of hacker command and control centers — as demonstrated in the video above.

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Note: The patented and patent-pending technologies of Hacker Deterrent Pro were created by world-renowned cryptographer Michael Wood.