Founder’s Biography


The patented and patent-pending technologies in Hacker Deterrent Pro were created by Michael Wood:

Internationally Acclaimed Cryptographer: Michael is the inventor of the REDOC-II encryption system (US Patent 5003596). The historic strength of his encryption was first certified by Dr. Thomas Cusick (who published 60 papers in the field of cryptography and 8 PhD students whose thesis work was in this area). Dr. Cusick’s conclusions were subsequently confirmed by Drs. Eli Biham and Adi Shamir, the two cryptographers famed for breaking the United State’s government’s national encryption standard. Michael’s Redoc encryption methods are currently taught in the cryptography textbook Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier.

Internet-Communications Expert: Michael is also the inventor of an artificial-intelligent system for mapping network topologies — a core component of managing internet traffic (US Patent 6405248). This technology was sold to Micromuse for $42 million for incorporation into the NetCool product line; which was subsequently sold to IBM for $865 million.

Michael had a persistent problem with hackers accessing and controlling his home computers. Therefore, he decided to purchase a security system that would allow him to see the names of everyone accessing his computer; so he could decide who to let in and who to keep out. To his surprise, none existed.

The intensity of the hacks grew so strong that Michael completely disconnected from the internet for six months. He decided that the only way that he could safely connect his home to the internet would be to design a name-based security system himself. His background in computer security and network engineering gave him the skills needed to do so.

The technology worked perfectly for him. Therefore, he decided to build a user-friendly version, so that everyone could have the same protection. After many years of simplifying the design, the final answer was Dynamic Whitelisting. Michael Wood has already been awarded US Patent 9467324 for this name-based, anti-hacker method. Additional US and international patents are pending.

Note: Dynamic Whitelisting is the core technology of Terra Privacy’s Hacker Deterrent security system.