Hacker Deterrent

The Hacker Deterrent product line has many exciting new features to come:

Version 1.0: Ushered in a new level of security by bringing Dynamic Whitelisting to non-browser traffic. Browser traffic is managed by color-coded reputations.

Version 2.0: Greatly simplifies traffic management for non-browser apps for increased ease-of-use.

Version 3.0: Adds Dynamic Whitelisting to browser apps while simultaneously simplifying browser traffic control.

Version 4.0: Introduces auto-pilot for automatic management of all traffic (to achieve maximum security and convenience).

Hacker Deterrent 2.0 is currently scheduled to be released December 20th.

Note: You can lock in a low annual subscription price by purchasing now and selecting “annual subscription” during checkout. This will allow you to avoid price increases as future versions and features are introduced.