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Hacking attacks continue to increase despite the widespread use of antivirus and firewalls. A new, patented invention finally keeps your digital life out of hackers’ hands. This breakthrough even stops the number one attack that hackers use to bypass antivirus and firewalls.

#1 Hacking Attack

What’s the most common hacking attack? According to a recent study by Verizon, the number one hacking attack is persistent malware that secretly sends your digital life straight to hackers’ servers for days, weeks, months, and even years.

How does malware hide from antivirus and firewalls for so long? The malware sneaks its code into your browser and apps when they are running; so that all communication to the hackers is sent by your browser and apps. In other words, the malware causes good apps to talk to bad places. Since your antivirus and firewalls only see the good apps talking, the connection to the hacker’s server remains open for as long as the hacker wants.

How can you fully protect your family, your office, and yourself against the number one attack? To fully protect your digital life, you have to stop good apps from talking to bad places. The most effective way to do this is to take the following three steps:

  1. Only allow your browser to talk to the webpages you are visiting and the sites that these pages pull content from.
  2. Only allow your apps to talk to their makers. (For example, ensure that Microsoft Word only talks to Microsoft Corporation.)
  3. Ensure that hackers cannot secretly circumvent the above security.

Does this fully stop the number one hacking attack? Yes, taking these steps eliminates the number one hacking attack:

  • If your browser is only talking to the webpages you’re visiting and their content sites then hackers cannot use your browser to secretly send your digital life straight to their servers.
  • If your apps are only talking to their makers then hackers cannot use your apps to secretly send your digital life straight to their servers.


Introducing Hacker Deterrent Pro

Only one cybersecurity app implements the above steps necessary to thwart the number one hacking method. This cybersecurity program is Hacker Deterrent Pro.

Hacker Deterrent Pro is another technological advancement created by Michael Wood, the world-acclaimed inventor of REDOC-II cryptography. He designed Hacker Deterrent Pro to finally wipe the number one hacking method off the board. Hacker Deterrent Pro:

  1. Shows you the name of your apps’ maker and the name of the owner of the destination that your app wants to talk to. Now it’s finally easy to solely allow your apps to talk to their makers.
  2. Only allows traffic to your open webpages and their content sites; while automatically blocking everything else. Just install the plugin in your browser and Hacker Deterrent Pro automatically does everything for you.
  3. Contains color-coded indicators and a moving Health Monitor that remain visible on your desktop at all times. If malware tries to secretly circumvent the security settings, the attack will be clearly visible on the indicators and Health Monitor so that you can take immediate action to keep your digital life safe.

Game-Changing Technology

Hacker Deterrent Pro empowers you to easily choose who your computer can talk to, and it automatically blocks everyone else. Although it’s easy for anyone to use, the patented and patent-pending technologies inside it are a revolutionary gamechanger — featured in IDC’s recent Technology Spotlight:

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Inventor’s Biography

Internationally Renowned Cryptographer: Michael Wood is the inventor of the acclaimed REDOC-II encryption system (US Patent 5003596). The historic strength of Michael’s encryption was first attested by Dr. Thomas Cusick (who published 60 papers in the field of cryptography). Dr. Cusick’s conclusions were subsequently confirmed by Drs. Eli Biham and Adi Shamir, the two cryptographers famed for breaking the United State’s government’s national encryption standard. Michael’s Redoc encryption methods are currently taught in the cryptography textbook Applied Cryptography by Bruce Schneier.

Internet-Communications Expert: Michael Wood is also the inventor of an artificial-intelligent system for mapping network topologies — a core component of managing internet traffic (US Patent 6405248). This technology was sold to Micromuse for $42 million for incorporation into the NetCool product line; which was subsequently sold to IBM for $865 million.




“I have been in the industry for 23 years and this is by far the best addition to my arsenal of tools for dealing with unacceptable network traffic. I think a dynamic white-list is a good solution.” — Timothy Gallardo

“I’ve had this for a week now, I’m very pleased with the tool…. Overall it appears to do what is says it does!” — Enoxh Eloe

“This is amazing! Thank you!” — Therial Rial

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